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Oracle Sisters
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April 7, 2023
  • Vinyl Standard Vinyl - Cream


    12" Cream Color Vinyl

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    LP Cream Color Vinyl, Die Cut Jacket and Printed Discobag Inner Sleeve

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This album was recorded at the height of the windswept plague of 2020 on the island of Hydra, Greece in the Old Carpet Factory. The band found itself locked down, with no boats coming or going off the island. In this time, with the last sun kissed days turning to winter in the months of October and November. We sang in the ball room, dined in the old wine cellar and paced round the kitchen taking turns cooking 3 meals a day. We would turn off the stove or a cool a pot of boiling water if we wanted to record a vocal take. The old cobbled streets were our forum, and we would debate which way to go on our many walks. Songs were written as fast as we could, some new from on the island and some old were finished there. We met the ghost of the Old Carpet Factory. We gave her a name; we called her ‘Samandu’.Every time she liked a take the lights would flicker. That’s how we knew it was good.She didn’t always flicker. It was an ordinary time. It was a special time.The album was later finished in France in 2021


  • Produced by: Oracle Sisters & Maxime Kosinetz
  • Mixed by: Noah Georgeson in Los Angeles, CA
  • Engineered by: Maxime Kosinetz
  • Mastered by: Philip Shaw Bova
  • Cover art work by: Eloîse Labarb-Lafon
  • Graphic Design: Clément Johanet
  • Recorded at: Old Carpet Factory on Hydra, Greece
  • Overdubs: Yasmine’s Cabin & La Ferme Records, France


  • Drums: Cyprien Jacquet a.k.a 'Wend¥ Kill'
  • Bass: Jerome Goldet
  • Acoustic guitar: Christopher Willatt
  • Electric Guitar: Lewis Lazar
  • Vocals: Christopher Willatt, Lewis Lazar, Julia Johansen
  • Keyboards and Organ: Lewis Lazar
  • Piano: Reni Lane (on Tramp Like You, Hail Mary, Sailor Song & Lunch and Jazz Chords),
    Lewis Lazar (on RBH, Peatfire Morning, Paris III, Tramp Like You and Prisoner of Love)
  • Percussion: Julia Johansen and Cyprien Jacquet a.ka 'Wend¥ Kill'

Special guests:

  • Saxophone and Clarinet on 'Hot Summer': Leonard Le Cloarec.
  • Accordion on 'Hot Summer': Pierre Rioufol.
  • Second Piano and Eventide on 'Tramp Like You': Joshua Rouah.
  • Bass on RBH and Paris III: Lewis Lazar.
  • Horn and Clarinet arrangement on ‘Hot Summer’: Lewis Lazar with Leonard Le Cloarec.
  • String arrangement on ‘Ruby’: Julia Johansen.
  • String arrangement on ‘Lunch and Jazz Chords’: Lewis Lazar.

Special thanks to: 22TWENTY, Stephan Colloredo, Maja, Margueritte, Cosmo, Our Families, Harvey & Sarah, Theo, Roger Green, Yasmine & Sarah Lavoine, Arthur & Bamboo, Thassula, Bruna Albertini and Samandu for helping us choose the right takes.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Tramp Like You 5:24 Buy

    Tramp Like You

  2. 2 Hail Mary 2:49 Buy

    Hail Mary

  3. 3 RBH 4:16 Buy


  4. 4 Hot Summer 2:22 Buy

    Hot Summer

  5. 5 Cigale Song 3:52 Buy

    Cigale Song

  6. 6 Peat Fire Morning 4:53 Buy

    Peat Fire Morning

  7. 7 Ruby On the Run 2:23 Buy

    Ruby On the Run

  8. 8 Paris III 3:36 Buy

    Paris III

  9. 9 Sailor Song 2:58 Buy

    Sailor Song

  10. 10 Lunch and Jazz Chords 2:29 Buy

    Lunch and Jazz Chords

  11. 11 Modern Love 2:33 Buy

    Modern Love

Oracle Sisters

Oracle Sisters

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